You Belong Here!

At Living Water Church you will find a church where you can grow closer to God. We are intentional about both reaching the lost and discipling Christ followers. We are a Spirit-Filled church that believe that God wants to empower us to make a difference in the world we live in.

We exist so people who are away from God will become passionate followers of Jesus Christ. 

Below our characteristics of who we are. This is the core of the DNA of our church.  

1. We value the Bible: We believe All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. We desire to preach the entirety of God’s Word even when topics may not be politically correct in our culture. 

2. We value the presence of God: We are a Spirit--Filled Church. We will always leave room in our worship experiences for the Holy Spirit to move. We will have regular opportunities for people to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We will anoint people with oil as we pray for any needs they may have. We will have altar calls regularly, which give opportunities for the Holy Spirit to touch people as they respond to the Word of God. We believe that the miracles God did in the bible didn't stop with the Bible. It will be common for people to pray in the Spirit, lift their hands up, raise their voices, clap, cry, as we worship Jesus. 

3. We value Modern Methods: We can relate to people in their culture by presenting the Gospel to them in ways they will understand. As missionaries from the United States go to other countries they must preach the Gospel to people in their cultures, in a way they will understand it. Likewise, we must do the same thing in our mission field. 

4. We value Evangelism: We exist to proclaim the LIFE CHANGING message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Jesus has died on the cross to forgive all sin from all mankind. As we believe in Him, ask for forgiveness of our sins, and repent we can become Christians. 

5. We value Relationships: It is our desire to connect with people so we can have authentic relationships with other believers. This is one of the purposes of our Small Groups. So we can get to know other Christ-Followers. The theological word is called fellowship. Fellowship means to be BONDED together with another. 

6. We value Generosity: It is important for us to be generous with the resources God has given us. We, as a church partner with organizations that have worldwide impacts. We desire to be generous with our time, talents, and treasures to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. 

7. We value Discipleship:  It is one of our purposes to raise up passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Therefore, being a place where discipleship is taking place is important to us. We believe that God wants each of us to continue to grow and mature in our relationship with Him.